January 20, 2015

The web of radical generosity

radical generosityWe live in a profoundly wealthy community – albeit with some significant day to day issues with distribution. Fortunately we also have an incredible capacity for activating and re-distributing: to buy a forest, to help a friend, to support families in need. The past 6 months have provided me with incredible experiences related to the radical generosity of the community. The interconnected web we’re in amazes me.

But there are still folks who are not attached to the web, not even by a thread. My experiences with our capacity as a giving community have also triggered an increased awareness that there are so many people marginalized, outside, alienated and alone. The radical generosity of the Comox Valley has sparked me (reminded me?) to look more closely to where the needs of individuals go unheard. Where those without the gift of strong social networks are left outside the circle of giving. The immense gratitude I feel living in this web of community comes with an obligation, to create new strands every day for others to grab on to.

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