January 3, 2017

Another spin around the sun…

reflectionAnother spin around the sun and here I am again, processing the twists, turns and adventures of 2016. The three big projects of 2016 remain in full view for the year ahead – Cumberland Forest, Elevate and the CV Collective, three projects that make my professional and personal life rich. I am excited to tease out fresh ideas, energy and direction for all three in the year ahead.

Being a parent to a now school aged kid is intense! This fall has been a learning curve like no other as I experience the system from within. Cadence loves kindergarten (most important thing) and my commitment to public education is strong. But I’m definitely navigating new roles, limits and (sometimes missed) opportunities as a parent. The system is suffering and political change and new priorities are desperately needed. But there are also so many amazing people in our school community who keep my hope alive and my enthusiasm channeled.

As I launch headlong into the solar system road trip of 2017 I want to start the journey with expressing deep gratitude for the community I live and work in. The generosity, creativity and energy that I have been privileged to witness and share in the past year takes my breath away.

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