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January 3, 2017

Another spin around the sun…

Another spin around the sun and here I am again, processing the twists, turns and adventures of 2016. The three big projects of 2016 remain in full view for the year ahead – Cumberland Forest, Elevate and the CV Collective, three projects that make my professional and personal life rich. I am excited to tease out […]


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January 20, 2015

The web of radical generosity

We live in a profoundly wealthy community – albeit with some significant day to day issues with distribution. Fortunately we also have an incredible capacity for activating and re-distributing: to buy a forest, to help a friend, to support families in need. The past 6 months have provided me with incredible experiences related to the […]

radical generosity

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June 25, 2014

Space Between the Notes

I am thinking a great deal about slowing down lately. I’m hungry to be making more art and music and to be experiencing the world in concert with my amazing 3 year old daughter. But this slowing down isn’t just personal, it’s professional too.  It’s about pacing myself and creating ‘space between the notes’ to […]

alan watts

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February 24, 2014

Wind at my Back

This winter has reminded me again and again about the essence of my work – it’s really facilitating the gifts of others. The Cumberland Forest project has illuminated this more than any other project I have ever been involved in. The amazing creativity, ingenuity, commitment, passion and intention that our community demonstrates towards this project […]


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January 24, 2012

Life got in the way of this website…

This website has been a long time coming. But the very threat of its existence seemed to kick a bunch of things in my life into motion. In the time between when Dialect showed me the first mock up and today, a few things have…well…changed. I had a baby. I changed jobs after over a […]

Cadi & Meg

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