Community democratic engagement is a vital part of building resilient and vibrant communities. Active and informed engagement in community organizations, advocacy groups, schools and all levels of government is critical to ensure diverse voices and perspectives are heard at the decision making table.

Our ability to contribute meaningfully in our communities is also at the heart of being a citizen. Community level organizations form the basis for our democracy, and the skills we learn on the ground in our communities ripple out to become the skills we need to effect and inspire change on other levels.

Community democratic engagement is also all about deepening our understanding and engagement with ‘the commons’ – the resources, institutions, parks, lands, schools, galleries, theatres, trails, playing fields, beaches, museums, governments, economic development organizations, streets and alleys that we all own in common. Our effective engagement in ‘the commons’ is critical to ensuring that these resources remain available and accessible to all.

But where do we learn and practice the skills required to shape and inform the organizations we serve and the governments we elect? Where do we learn to initiate and write policy and advocate for policy change? Where do we develop the skills to develop and activate plans for our communities and the planet?

Meaghan is passionately committed to the development of community democratic engagement in our communities and brings that passion to her facilitation services, workshops, strategic planning sessions and consultations.