Meaghan is available as a speaker or presenter for retreats, conferences and professional and career development events. Her background in music performance and theatre shine through with her highly animated and engaging style.

Adept at holding the attention of audiences, Meaghan brings a fresh and informative perspective on community leadership, governance, community democratic development and the art of board work.

Here are just a few topics Meaghan is available to present on:

Governance Re-Boot – an energizing 20 minute to 1 hour presentation designed to inspire and refresh board members in their work.

Accidental Place-making – a 20 minute to one hour presentation with stunning video and images on the development of a barrier free street level arts festival and the surprising side effects for a community and a downtown.

Restoring the Commons – a 20 minute to 1 hour presentation on the work of the Cumberland Community Forest Society and their efforts to purchase and protect hundreds of hectares of privately owned forest surrounding their little Village. Includes stunning video and photography.

Building Community Partnerships – a 20 minute to 1 hour presentation highlighting the ingredients of authentic community partnerships and new tactics for community outreach that connects community in all the right places.

Get on Board! –  When you give your time in support of an event or organization, you get the chance to step outside of your daily routine while expanding your professional and social networks. In a world where we increasingly “connect” online and support-by-clicking, sitting on a community board is a hands-on challenge to make a real difference where you live. It’s also a great way to learn effective management tools and techniques to apply to your workplace, and demonstrate your added value to an employer or clients.

Making Boards Matter – Check out May 2013 TEDX Talk in the Comox Valley  http://