Strategic Planning

Meaningful and effective Strategic Planning is critical to the success of community organizations. It’s a powerful tool for discovering, articulating and realizing shared values, visions, and goals

Strategic Planning is about dreaming, then thinking, then acting, and being fully committed to all three parts of this process. It’s about charting the course for your organization and developing concrete steps to achieve your organization’s goals. The process can and should inspire, energize and excite everyone involved. My sessions are designed to create energy and excitement in an organization, by inviting input from all participants, and by setting goals that people can rally around.

Synthesis is key. When our work is complete I provide my clients with a detailed final document that reflects the hard work of the group and outlines a path forward.

At the foundation of my work as a Strategic Planning consultant is a deep respect for grass roots community organizations and a strong belief in their critical role in building democracy. Community non-profits are the heart of local democracy and are crucial to our collective well-being.

There is no cut and paste formula for Strategic Planning. There is a guiding process, but the ‘path to the plan‘ can vary from organization to organization. Some processes call for extensive community and partner input. They can take several weeks and multiple meetings to develop. Others can be completed during a weekend intensive.

I provide clients with pre-planning consultation, facilitation services, document development and implementation support. A big part of my role as facilitator is to spend time with the client beforehand consider how much time, energy and resources are available for the process and made well informed recommendations about how to proceed.

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