June 25, 2014

Space Between the Notes

I am thinking a great deal about slowing down lately. I’m hungry to be making more art and music and to be experiencing the world in concert with my amazing 3 year old daughter. But this slowing down isn’t just personal, it’s professional too.  It’s about pacing myself and creating ‘space between the notes’ to reflect, renew and continue to evolve my practice. 

When you’re self employed it’s hard to say no. You never know where the next gig is coming from, or whether your services will be needed. It’s both unnerving and exhilarating. But saying no is also about valuing what you have to offer. I have a deep abiding love and respect for community building and the processes that bring people together to make changes in the world. I trust that this is evident in my past work and that potential clients will be willing to wait for a week or a month. It’s not an emergency. It’s a process unfolding. It deserves to take time.

alan watts

So lets go swimming, hiking, make big messes with paint and glue in the backyard, suck on pop-cycles, lie around in parks and count stars this summer.  Nourished souls build the best communities.


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