February 24, 2014

Wind at my Back

Cadi&MegForestThis winter has reminded me again and again about the essence of my work – it’s really facilitating the gifts of others. The Cumberland Forest project has illuminated this more than any other project I have ever been involved in. The amazing creativity, ingenuity, commitment, passion and intention that our community demonstrates towards this project is so heart warming. It is also humbling. It has reminded me about past projects and how collective contributions create results that are so much bigger than any of the individuals involved. I don’t think I’m doing marketing, or community outreach, or fundraising, or event planning any more. I’m facilitating other people making cool shit happen. I might be helping to coordinate schedules, or materials or messages. I might respond to the emails or fill in the grant applications, but ultimately, there are hundreds of people doing this with me. The wind is at my back and I am grateful for the community I serve.

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