I am a high energy workshop leader who is passionate about supporting organizations, individuals and communities to achieve their goals.

Workshops currently offered include:

Back to Basics for Board Members – This workshop is great for both new and continuing board members to develop their skills and invigorate their passion for the organizations they serve. A perfect fit for new board member orientations, this workshop covers:

  • roles and responsibilities
  • board/staff relations
  • meeting structure
  • committee work
  • board policy
  • code of conduct
  • the governance spectrum
  • the role of strategic planning
  • succession planning
  • recruitment

Board Development – This workshop is designed as a ‘booster’ course for boards looking to develop their skills and to evolve as an organization. This is a great workshop for addressing organizational conflict or confusion and for clarifying the role of the board in furthering their goals and objectives. This workshop is also a great opportunity to bring staff and key volunteers up to speed. The Board Development workshop works well in conjunction with a Strategic Planning session. Together, they refocus and reinvigorate an organization.

Parent Advisory Council – This workshop is designed for Parent Advisory Councils to orient new members to their roles and responsibilities within the school system and to inspire parent leadership in their school. A perfect way to kick off a new school year, this workshop also helps to build stronger relationships between school administration, staff and parents.

Personal Strategic Planning/Career PlanningPersonal Career Planning and Strategic Planning for organizations have a great deal in common. Both involve exploring values, visions, and hopes and dreams for the future. Successful career planning relies on clear goals and monitoring your progress as you work toward these goals. This workshop is perfect for youth, students, and individuals seeking to re-define their career path.

Project Activation – Does your organization have a project or event that needs some critical analysis or an injection of new energy and ideas? A Project Activation Workshop brings focus where it’s needed, invigorates an organization, and helps plan for success.